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Post-Practice Derby Thoughts

Collapse ) I highly recommend getting involved in a rec team in your area. It is an excellent way to get comfortable on skates and with the sport, as well as to meet other awesome people who like derby as much as you. Yes, yes, yes. Yes.

I love derby. That is all.
it's a very long story

Roller Derby Girls

As many of you know from my incessant facebook updates, I start my first day as a derby girl tomorrow. I am going to be on borrowed skates and pads, but I'll be doing it.

How do I describe my interest in and passion for roller derby? I'm so new to the sport. It would be easy to dismiss my love as another flash-fire fad in my life. Easy, but also wrong. It is so exciting to join a new community like this. For what might be the first time in my life, I'm making friends and becoming involved in a community outside of both school/college and my friend's social spheres. Not to say that my friends don't also love the sport - they do. All of them that have had a chance to see it, anyway.*

I don't know if derby is the same everywhere. I doubt it, though. I suspect that MRD is an uncommonly friendly and welcoming community, but what do I know? Madison is already one of the most polite, kind cities in the country. The fact that we also play a really clean game and do it well** suggests to me that the Madison derby experience is probably nicer and more welcoming than it might be other places.

For example: My friend Kate Phelps has lived in Madison her whole life. She's moving this fall to Boston with her fiancée, and asked me to draw her a derby girl to take with her and put on her wall in MA. So I drew up her favorite Jammer, Mouse:

I took this to the bout with me on Saturday. The woman who runs merch, JL Breaker, skates for the res dolls with Mouse, and I asked her if she thought Mouse would be willing to sign the drawing. JL gasped in delight and said that of course she would, and ran off to find her before I could say "thanks". Mouse was so excited about the drawing that she almost didn't give it back, and demanded that her picture be taken with it. She signed it, and I gave it to Kate, who loved it. I later sent JL a scan of the drawing and she flipped out in excitement, using !!! at the end of every sentence. Every interaction I've had with the Mad Rollin' Dolls has been exactly that gratifying.

I'm incredibly grateful, and terribly excited. There's this underlying energy that makes even my most stressful days doable***. I am so much more confident and comfortable pursuing this than I am in any of my other interests, even art. And I really, really hope I turn into a boss blocker with legs for miles and an ass made of gold. We'll see. Wish me luck.

*even my parents are excited about it, though neither of them know much about it yet. Seriously. They call me up and tell me how they brag to whoever asks how I'm doing that I'm an Americorps VISTA fighting poverty and doing Roller Derby and art on the side. Incidentally, my parents are perhaps the greatest of all possible parents.

**3rd in the region!

***like today, when I gave myself heat stroke and felt like dying for about 7 hours straight, but managed to work like a boss anyway.

Roller Derby

Okay, so those of you who have been watching my facebook or have been around me long enough for me to open my mouth in the last couple of months knows that I've recently become a Collapse )

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This weekend was lovely. It was perfect in about nine ways. In many moments, everything was covered in a soft golden light. This weekend was the embodiment of contentment and hope for the future.

Collapse )

Collapse )

It was, on at least seven levels, a perfect day.

*Alas, the couch will probably leave with the residents who own it. Ah well.
**Not our apartment – we have the whole first floor.
***Read: the first day over 50 degrees, with sun.
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I posted these on facebook, but totally forgot to post them here! I'm sorry all of my updates have been full of art and basically nothing else.

I am so incredibly proud of this! I'm not even sure why. Maybe it's the colors or the shapes? Lines? I dunno. I'm just proud of it.

Anywho, have Collapse )
star and snow

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So I guess Tuesday was Hourly Comics Day only I DIDN'T KNOW and now I'm wracked with self pity and remorse. It was such an epic day! There was a lot of cleaning and productivity and preparation for the blizzard, and then there was the blizzard. The blizzard that made this happen on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, a short drive south of me:

The blizzard that would have made for the most epic hourlies I have ever created. It was the perfect day for hourly comics, and I missed it! And now it's too late, as I can't account for all of my day. Ugh. I guess I'll just have to make up for it by comicking about today instead.

...I was going to tell you all about my day here, but I guess it makes more sense to just show you when I've finished my hourlies. To that end, you'll see me later.
it's a very long story

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Some day soon I will have actual, interesting stories and experiences to share instead of brief updates on my bedraggled life. I am catching up on that, and there will be a day in the near future when you will get to read exploits instead of explanations. Until then, here's a Collapse )
eat a bug

Something about emotions and feelings.

I don't like reading sad posts. It makes me feel bad, and I do it anyway because often they are written by people I love. But I don't like reading them. Often they are too much a jumble of emotion without enough perspective and reason. So, if you feel the same way, I will not feel even slightly hurt if you skip this post entirely, because while only part of it is sad, it is certainly a confused jumble of Collapse )

P.S. I cut my hair again (a thing I do when I break up, I guess?) and now look like Collapse )
don't fuck with my muffin

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So, this will come as a shock to those of you who know me best: I've been cleaning. A lot. Collapse )

I am on a mission. For the first time in my life - for serious, ever - I have felt the need to better my physical surroundings in a way that doesn't involve drawing on the walls. PRAISE ME, GODDESS OF TIDINESS.